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5 Tips for a Perfect Holiday Party

sue jacobs cakes 5 Tips for a Perfect Holiday Party

The best vendors are in high demand at this time of year and many sign contracts twelve to 18 months in advance.  Getting an early start also gives you time to do some research on your vendors.  Read reviews on Yelp, Wedding Wire, The Knot, Google, Gigmasters, Facebook, and other sites. Referral is always best!  These 5 Tips for a Perfect Holiday Party will get you going!

2. Consider interactive games
If you want your guests to mingle and get to know each other, as opposed to huddling in groups with people they know, then get some advice on “mixer” games.   A good MC/DJ is a great resource for this idea, but remember TIP #1:  research and hire a professional.

For example, a scavenger hunt  forces people to talk to each other while they try to find the answers to questions.  Lots of easy ideas here upon which to base fun questions.   Give each guest a card with the questions, set a time limit, and then call the group to attention and reveal the correct answers.  Here’s a link to “20 insanely simple party games.”

3. Seek advice
Unless you are a professional planner, you need to ask for help.  And sure, you can find lots of answers on Google, but nothing beats talking to people who have done it.  Many companies rotate responsibility for events throughout the staff.  Find the person who did last year’s party and glean that knowledge.

4. Keep presentations / speeches to a minimum
If you must have a speaker or a presentation, keep it to a minimum (5-10 minutes).  Remember, this is not the corporate annual meeting, It is the holiday party!  Sometimes bosses like to thank staff, and giving away gifts of appreciation is great, but keep speeches to a bare minimum.   Many bosses know that the party in and of itself is one of the best gifts of appreciation, so they keep a low profile at these events and do all they can do to encourage their staff and employees to have fun.

5. Include live music
There is quite simply nothing like live music to establish the atmosphere of an event.  And you get to choose, like a solo pianist during cocktail hour and dinner and a dance band for after.    Or a string quartet or a tribute act of some kind.   Know YOUR crowd!  If you think your coworkers are “not a dancing crowd,” then hire a live band and a professional DJ/MC.  You are looking for a DJ/MC with real experience working the crowd, encouraging them to get up on the dance floor through clever games and strategies.  I once worked with a guy who got 300 of the 500 guests on the floor doing conga lines, line dancing, and tributes to all the “pretty women” in the crowd.   It was a huge success. The right DJ/MC knows how to help guests shed self-consciousness and have lots of fun.   Don’t overlook this issue.  Don’t simply hire live musicians and expect everyone to dance unless you know your guests are a “dancing crowd.”   Know your guests and create the perfect combination of DJ/MC, live band, soloists, and tribute acts to make your party unforgettable.   No matter what—make your party memorable with live music.  Great People.Great Music.Great Times.  602.692.3723 The Big Zephyr! Such Great 5 Tips for a Perfect Holiday Party!  Always remember a party without a cake from Sue Jacobs Cakes, is just a meeting!

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sue jacobs cakes 5 Tips for a Perfect Holiday Party


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