Lovin’ Lavender!

lovin' lavender sue jacobs cakes Karlee K PhotographySweet Bride Adrianna and Groom Joe chose such a beautiful color scheme for their special wedding day!  We are truly Lovin’ Lavender! The wedding began, and was such a touching ceremony.   Then came those icy cold beverages during the cocktail hour!  But in no time it was time for the reception!  This couple selected the modern venue, SoHo63 for their […]

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Boojum Tree Wedding

boojum tree wedding sue jacobs cakes sja studiosIt was a Boojum Tree Wedding for sweet Bride Jen and her handsome Groom Justin!

The weddings and receptions are well planned and create an experience that is unforgettable.  The Boojum Tree offers an atmosphere that is unlike any other in Arizona.  As one of Arizona’s most popular wedding venues their weekends fill up fast, so don’t hesitate to reserve your wedding date […]

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Wedding Day Emergency Kit 

wedding day emergency kit sue jacobs cakesYour wedding day is one of the most amazing and special days of your life. You plan, organize, worry and plan some more.  Take a bit of stress out of your life with a Wedding Day Emergency Kit!

No matter how much you plan, and how detailed your day-of itinerary gets, wedding day hiccups are bound to happen. That’s where this list of emergency items comes in.  Helps you to […]

By |November 13th, 2017|

Elegant Wedding Cake Design

elegant wedding cake design sue jacobs cakesIt was a Seville Golf and Country Club wedding!  AND an Elegant Wedding Cake Design!  A most perfect day in March for the wedding of Bride Nancy and Groom Steven.  With the beautiful golf course providing the perfectly landscaped area for a lush green outdoors ceremony site.  Then came the cocktail hour in the courtyard.  And followed next by the wedding reception, […]

By |November 10th, 2017|

Ruffles and Roses

ruffles and roses sue jacobs cakesNothing quite like Soft Ivory Ruffles and Roses!  Bristol and Brandon were married outdoors in the lush grassy area at the venue, The Elegant Barn!  One of our favorite venues for many reasons.  From romantic, to elegant, to rustic!  This venue offers it all.  It’s no wonder that Bride Bristol and Groom Brandon selected this particular venue located on Greenfield Road in Gilbert […]

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honeymoon sue jacobs cakesThe party after the party, The Honeymoon!

No matter what you did, how many people you had to accommodate or what you had to sacrifice for your wedding, your special time away, is just for you and your new significant other.  This is generally the wedding couple’s favorite part of the entire wedding process.

Why exactly do people go on honeymoons? Many people today see honeymoons as the finale to the […]

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Food Truck Wedding

Food Truck Wedding sue jacobs cakes cupcakesFood trucks have long been a favorite lunchtime and late-night meal or snack option.   They have now become a super-popular wedding catering trend. Having a  Food Truck Wedding is the NEW thing to do for weddings!  Adds a bit of fun for the guests!

Things you want to consider if you have a food truck wedding.

Consider the season:

Summer time generally seems like the appropriate time for […]

By |October 30th, 2017|

Aqua Roses

sue jacobs cakesAqua Roses just made this wedding cake pop with color!  It was Tiffanie and Jason’s wedding day.  The day they had dream of for so long!   All the planning and details, came down to this very day!!!!  They chose to have their wedding outdoors at the Arizona Golf Resort on the lush green grassy golf course.  It was a lovely day in March!  A perfect […]

By |October 26th, 2017|

Gorgeous Cake Design 

gorgeous cake design sue jacobs cakes step on meSeville Golf and Country Club was the location that Blair and Justin selected for their special November wedding day.  Seville is located in beautiful Gilbert, Arizona.  What a Gorgeous Cake Design, they chose!
We absolutely loved the design the couple selected. It is a fun and creative way to spice up your wedding cake with different designs on each tier. The top tier of […]

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reconnecting sue jacobs cakesIt was a morning wedding in Arizona!  Deb and Doug have an interesting story, how they met in high school, and he went off to serve in the military. They each went their separate ways, each marrying, and having children.  Then….came the Reconnecting!

Then later in life, when the time was perfect……..they reconnected through social media!  This time, there was no letting go!  Deb and Doug chose to be married sooner, rather than […]

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