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Engaged, time to begin your first wedding to do list.

You have finally gotten engaged to the person you have dreamed of our whole life. You are filled with excitement and fear.  Your thoughts racing!  Now what?  Where do you even begin to start the planning?  It’s so surreal, yet definitely happening.  Like it or not, the hours, days, and weeks following that proposal are guaranteed to be filled with a whirlwind […]

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Metals – That’s Where it’s at!

2017 is certaimetals - that's where its at sue jacobs cakesnly looking to be a style filled year in the wedding industry. Metals – That’s Where it’s at!  You can expect to see a lot of décor-based trends such as the use of a mix of metals.  We are finding even in wedding cake design.  Often couples are selecting golds, coppers, and silver decor, through ribbon, pearls, and even icings!  We always offer a choice […]

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Bridesmaid Gift

bridesmaid gift sue jacobs cakesWhy do brides generally give a gift to their bridesmaids and maid of honor?  And what would be a great Bridesmaid Gift to present?

Brides select chosen bridesmaids and maid or matron of honor to assist them throughout the entire wedding process, and are there to support, and take care of any details they were assigned.

Many brides like to give personalized Bridesmaid Gift.  It will serve as a constant and cherished reminder of their appreciation for their […]

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October! sue jacobs cakesOctober!  Why would anyone get married in October!  Well, it’s the perfect time of year to be married, when you live in Arizona!  The temperatures are amazingly ,mild, and perfect for an outdoor wedding on the beautiful well groomed lush green golf course.  Here at Sue Jacobs Cakes Bakery, we deliver many wedding cakes each month to the lovely Southern Gilbert venue, Seville Golf and Country Club.   One of […]

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Surprise Groom’s Cake 

Surprise Groom's cake sue jacobs cakesWhat a FUN Surprise Groom’s Cake!  Breanna and Shawn were married at the Superstition Manor located in beautiful Mesa, Arizona.  The couple selected a date in November for their special day. It was a beautiful Fall day with weather being ideal.  She had been planning this fun surprise for months!  And….he had no idea.
The guests were served a variety of yummy cake flavors including: Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cake, […]

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Hiring Musicians Checklist

Hiring Musicians Checklist sue jacobs cakesYou listen to music every day; you know all about music. But how often have you been responsible for hiring live musicians, for one of the most important days of your life no less? Never before, probably.

Hiring Musicians Checklist: You would want to select musicians who reflect your personalities, and add the ambiance you envision for your wedding day.

BEFORE contacting musicians:
Consider ensemble size
Consider ensemble type

Research Musicians:
Once you have determined what size and […]

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Bridesmaid Dress Trends

bridesmaid dress trends sue jacobs cakes

So many Bridesmaid Dress Trends to consider for your special wedding day!

When it comes to your bridesmaids attire you have a number of options to select – you can go for something that’s more traditional and classic.  Or choose to have a little more fun and pick something on-trend for the times!

Here are a list of top Bridesmaid Dress Trends to consider on your wedding day:
*Switch up your patterns in a color […]

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Fall Wedding in Arizona

fall wedding in arizona sue jacobs cakesOn a beautiful Fall day in October, located in Gilbert Arizona, it was almost time for a wedding!  It was a Fall Wedding in Arizona.  The most perfect time of year for a wedding! Laura and Shane were all in love, and had waited for this day for so long. So many hours, days, months and even years of planning has finally come down to THIS VERY day!

The wedding […]

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Legacy Ballroom

The Legacy Ballroom sue jacobs cakes

Adriana and Chris selected this special day to become husband and wife. We LOVED the design of their wedding cake with the delicate edible lace placed around the top two tiers, and our ever so popular Horizontal Texture on the bottom two layers of their beautiful four tier wedding cake.  Such a soft elegant design, and fabulous with the added floral.  It made for the perfect addition, in achieving the […]

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Uplighting Your Wedding

uplighting your wedding sue jacobs cakes Karma Event Lighting & Audio VideoHow would you like to add the extra wow factor to your wedding?  Well, Lighting and Uplighting Your Wedding can certainly bring the wedding reception room ALIVE!!!!

Are you looking for an alternative to the traditional wedding reception?  Have you ever heard of uplighting?

Uplighting is a way to create a modern and stunning wedding reception.  Uplighting will wow your guests by transforming your venue and adding beautiful ambiance. […]

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