sue jacobs cakes blush onbre' lauren burman photographyCan we say Blush Ombre’?  Going from an almost void of color on top, to very soft blush, and then a bit warmer blush.  It was the most perfect Ombre’.  That was the desire for the design of Paige and Nathan’s wedding cake.  It was a lovely color scheme!  The Blush Ombre’ is very popular this wedding season.  As a wedding cake designer, definitely one of our favorites!

The fall October day was selected, and the venue chosen.  Their wedding and reception would be held at the SoHo63 wedding center.  This venue offers such a modern twist to a wedding center!  A BEAUTIFUL Downtown Chandler venue, filled with charm.

Petal Theory provided the most lovely florals for this special wedding day.  Pink was definitely the color of the day!  We especially loved the hanging floral above the wedding cake!  With The Beat Booth bringing forth, not only great music and entertainment, but up lighting and images complimenting the reception room in a very unique way.

Paige and Nathan had a wonderful SoHo63 wedding and reception.  Guests are still raving about the Blush Ombre’ wedding cake, which was served as their tasty dessert!  With the most gorgeous floral hanging directly above!

sue jacobs cakes blush onbre' lauren burman photography

Beautiful images captured by Lauren Burman Photography.