diamonds sue jacobs cakesIt’s all about the ring!  Everyone LOVES Diamonds!  Traditional engagement/wedding rings are now a thing of the past.  More and more couples are creating and designing their own unique engagement/wedding bands.

Anything goes; unusual shapes, colorful stones, unique settings, and so forth.  We’re seeing brides broadening their interest.  One metal color, and also being comfortable “mixing and matching”— like with mixed-metal rings.  But it’s still about the Diamonds!

“It’s a great way to achieve a strong, modern, edgy look without committing to an engagement ring that pushes you past your comfort zone.”

Rings with unique stone shapes “are distinct and add an element of the unexpected, but they still carry a timeless appeal.  Always remember your Sue Jacobs Cakes Bakery for your amazing wedding cake as well!

All about the Stone – Diamonds & Pearls:
So obviously Diamonds are a girl’s best friend right!
Diamonds are famous because of their beautiful appearance and the fact that diamonds are the hardest substance on earth. Pearls are traditional and a life long classic.

Rings are also made of the following materials:
Ceramic – No this is not made of the same product as your coffee cup! Even though it is called ceramic, it is actually a super strong compound of Titanium and Ceramic called Titanium Carbide – Very popular for Men’s Rings
Tungsten – Mostly Men’s rings – Look at these “Unbreakable Rings”
Zirconium – Corrosion Resistant Metal also used in nuclear reactors!
Wood – Wooden Rings are the new trend on the block! Rather than having the whole ring made of wood, which would not be very durable, wood is inserted in a ring that is predominantly made of metal.  Have a look at this company that make wooden rings. Mostly Men’s rings *