diy weddings sue jacobs cakes nvs photographyDo you love the thought of DIY Weddings?  To create your own treasures, with DIY projects?  Have you wanted to create your own wedding with unique and special “Do it Yourself” items incorporated into your special day?

What exactly is a DIY Wedding?  It is a wedding that has all or some of the parts created just by you or your friends and family.   If this this you, then you will love this blog.

What are the pros of creating your own unique DIY projects within your wedding?

You have more control of what items your want, colors you have and also more general control on all aspects of your special day.

Also, having a DIY wedding can be more cost effective.  If you are on a tight wedding budget, creating some of your own special items can save a lot.

What are the cons of creating your own unique DIY projects within your wedding?

Planning a wedding is always stressful. You could find that although you have all the ideas of how you want your big day to be, achieving it might be harder than you had imagined.  Make sure you have time and a group of people to help you with your projects.

It is a beautiful thing to have the ability to create items just the way you want.  We suggest creating a board on Pinterest that has a collection of all of your favorite ideas and how to create them. You can share this with the people that are helping you. This will ensure that your helpers can assist you, without having to guide their every move through the process.

One area, we certainly believe you should not DIY, is your wedding cake!  Let the professionals at Sue Jacobs Cakes provide a memorable wedding cake or desserts for your special day! Image provided by NVS Photography.