drip cakes sue jacobs cakesHave you seen the wedding and party cakes that have the dramatic “Drip Cakes” style?  If you have not yet seen them, you soon will.  Here at the Sue Jacobs Cakes Bakery, are constantly tracking, investigating and researching the hottest trends in the wedding cake world.  Drip cakes are the next “IN” thing.  “It’s versatile, eye-catching and just makes you want to scoop up icing with your finger……Drip Cakes!” */www.easyweddings.com.au

What’s so AMAZING, is like all trends………it came back.  Once a common choice among couples in the early 2000’s.  This unique design style of Drip Cakes left, and are back again!  What exactly is the drip look?  It is actually just like it sounds.  Your cake will have edible topping dripping down the cake.  This unique technique has been wowing people for birthdays, holidays and other milestone cakes since 2000, but now the drip design has become the latest trend in wedding cakes.

You can have the ganache or other edible drip customized by your cake designer to match the color or colors of your wedding cake or party cake.  We recently had a cake and we used raspberry juice, which had the most stunning look with the wedding cake also adorned with fresh fruit, as well.drip cakes sue jacobs cakes still life studios


Wondering what the “drip” tastes like?  Totally AMAZING!  You can choose from different edible elements for different tastes.  Some use white chocolate or dark chocolate ganache, melted chocolate or even caramel to achieve the look and the embellishments you can add, are simply endless.