Fresh Flowers on Wedding Cakes

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Fresh Flowers on Wedding Cakes

fresh flowers on wedding cakes sue jacobs cakesFresh flowers on Wedding Cakes – is it popular?

Fresh flowers add a beautiful and vibrant quality to your cake, bringing in a great pop of color!!  Whether it is a fancy, elegant over the top wedding cake or a fun birthday or celebration cake. Adding Fresh Flowers to Wedding Cakes is our favorite!

When it comes to selecting decor for both the ceremony and reception, couples LOVE flowers. Fresh floral blooms set the mood for the wedding, offering a fragrant and gorgeous touch to so many areas of the wedding.

Adding the same floral to your wedding cake is an excellent way to tie your wedding together with a common theme. Incorporate fresh flowers into your cake topper, arrange blooms to elegantly cascade down the center piece of the reception is just plain stunning!!!!  Also,  this adds height to the design!  Another possibility is incorporating floral between the wedding cake tiers.

Tips when using fresh flowers:  If your cake is in direct sunlight, or displayed outdoors for an extended time, then you might want to consider using really robust flowers that can cope.  Retaining their shape and beauty.  When selecting your flowers consider their aroma.  We recommend staying clear from flowers with a strong odor.  The scent can actually effect the flavor of the wedding or party cake.

Some Flowers Will Be Out of Season:  Meaning they would be nearly impossible to have for your wedding, or come with a high cost to you.  Discussing this with your florist is helpful to see what’s blooming after you have set your wedding date.  There are also lovely flowers available year-round, so the options are truly endless!  Fresh flowers add a beautiful and vibrant qfresh flowers on wedding cakes sue jacobs cakesuality to your cake  whether it’s a fancy wedding cake or a fun birthday cake.  We highly suggest adding Fresh Flowers to your Wedding Cake.  It provides  beauty, color, atmosphere, and lovely aroma.


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