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Galaxy Wedding Cake

sue jacobs cakes galaxy wedding cakeIt was a Johnson Ranch wedding and reception.  The theme was a bit on the starry side! A constellation Galaxy Wedding Cake! We just loved this couple, when we met!

We met and had their wedding cake order all written out and ready to go…… They selected a lovely elegant design…… THEN!  After seeing their cake topper, I had the most perfect idea for their wedding cake!

Comments from the Bride: Samantha said… 
“Sue makes a delicious and beautiful cake!! My husband doesn’t even like cake and he was going back for seconds of Sue’s! We had a wonderful consultation and actually planned out a design but that wasn’t enough for Sue. She was so in tuned to what we wanted that, about a month before the wedding she found a style that fit so much better with our theme. She called me immediately with descriptions and picture. I 100% agreed with her and she immediately changed the cake plans. I was so happy that she was really listening.”

Such a pleasure to work with Bride Samantha, and Groom Sev.  We appreciate each of our wedding couples, and consider it a true honor to have a small part in their day!  This sweet couple was no exception!

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