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Hiring Musicians Checklist

Hiring Musicians Checklist sue jacobs cakesYou listen to music every day; you know all about music. But how often have you been responsible for hiring live musicians, for one of the most important days of your life no less? Never before, probably.

Hiring Musicians Checklist: You would want to select musicians who reflect your personalities, and add the ambiance you envision for your wedding day.

BEFORE contacting musicians:
Consider ensemble size
Consider ensemble type

Research Musicians:
Once you have determined what size and type of ensemble would work for your venue, begin researching potential musicians.  We suggest you do an internet search for musicians.  Determine if the musicians are students, hobbyists, young professionals or seasoned professionals. Professional musicians who have college music degrees will most likely be reflected in price and quality.  Read the musicians’ reviews.

Contacting musicians: Contact your favorite musicians as soon as possible, as they often book up to a year in advance.  Discuss style for each section of music requests (ceremony, cocktail hour, dinner, etc.  Describe the musical style that you feel compliments you and wedding.

Describe location. Musicians will need to know where you are having your event including:

  • indoor or outdoor
  • size of space
  • climate controlled or not
  • bright or dark lighting
  • hard or soft surfaces
  • sound system and power availability
  • number of guests

Cost. We recommend not hiring the musicians based on price alone. When you hire the least expensive musicians, you are risking getting

  • poor preparation
  • lack of communication
  • limited skill
  • questionable reliability

 Contract: Once you’ve selected your musicians, we suggest your contract include

  • The exact time and location including the time you expect the musicians to arrive.
  • A list of the equipment that you will supply and that the musicians will supply.
  • Dress requirements.
  • Performance details
  • A play list and perhaps a do-not-play list.
  • Fees and payment procedures including: the total cost, accounting of additional costs, due dates for deposit and balance, and refund and cancellation policies.

It might take a little more planning, but working with live musicians for your wedding allows you to personalize your day. We hope this helps you take the guess work out, with our Hiring Musicians Checklist.

Laura Strickland and Alex Mack are professional, award-winning musicians based in Phoenix. They can be heard in a variety of ensembles, including their own SoSco Duo, a flute and guitar ensemble that performs for weddings, and specialty events. No matter the style they are playing, their sound is always sophisticated. For more details, demos and booking information, visit or call/text (480)788-2331.

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