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honeymoon sue jacobs cakesThe party after the party, The Honeymoon!

No matter what you did, how many people you had to accommodate or what you had to sacrifice for your wedding, your special time away, is just for you and your new significant other.  This is generally the wedding couple’s favorite part of the entire wedding process.

Why exactly do people go on honeymoons? Many people today see honeymoons as the finale to the wedding celebration.  Having time away from the distractions and interruptions of everyday life enables newly weds to connect and enjoy each others’ company.  An opportunity to start their married life together on the best possible note.

Popular destinations include romantic, famous, touristy or anywhere in-between.

Have you heard of the hot new trend in honeymoons, instead of a gift registry, couples are asking for honeymoon registry or “HONEYFUND”.  With this type of registry, people can send money or purchases something special for the couple from their honeymoon destination.  Whether you go over the top or are budget friendly, this type of registry is a great way for friends and family to help you have the honeymoon of your dreams.

Remember to enjoy yourself and your new spouse on your wonderful honeymoon.  A great way to get started in the planning process, is to contact Ingrid with Ingrid’s Travel by Design.  Often we hear……..

honeymoon sue jacobs cakes ingrids travel by design

honeymoon sue jacobs cakes ingrids travel by design

honeymoon sue jacobs cakes ingrids travel by design





when the couple returns home from their Honeymoon, it is time to break into the box in the freezer with the wedding cake!  At Sue Jacobs Cakes, we highly recommend this!

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