infinity sue jacobs cakes step on me photographyInfinity!  Oh that cake topper!  It was another Spring wedding at the Gilbert venue, Seville Golf and Country Club.  On this very special wedding day,  we have two ladies who chose to be married to each other, Ruthie and Robin.  We are over joyed that in our State of Arizona, two people who genuinely love each other, can legally be married.  It has become more widely accepted, no matter the couple!  A few businesses in the wedding industry choose not to service these types of couples, but here at Sue Jacobs cakes, we believe LOVE is LOVE!

We truly LOVED their cake topper choice, the Infinity sign.  With their names, Ruthie and Robin placed perfectly!  We so LOVED their unique styled cake topper specially designed by our friend Josh with CakeWords.  An infinity design personalized by also including their names, all in black!  Personalizing a cake topper adds such a special touch to a wedding day!  Adding the black cake topper with the floral, was truly the perfect combination!

Floral provided by Blume Events in the most perfect pinks!  Adding the most beautiful pop of color for these two sweet brides!  The entire wedding cake was Pink Champagne Cake with our signature creamy and not too sweet icing as the filling.  Images by Step on Me Photography.