julius wedding photography sue jacobs cakesOne of our favorite wedding photographers are a very special husband (that would be Tony), and wife (that would be Jaime) team.  They capture and create the most perfect images of our wedding cake creations.  They truly know what it takes to capture each amazing moment of a couple’s day!  It was a February wedding at The Raven Golf Club.  This sweet Bride Alex and Groom Will were “Over the Moon” in love.  AND they LOVED our wedding cake samples the day we met them at our Sue Jacobs Cakes Bakery!   We had been recommended to them by their photographers Julius Photography Wedding.

With colors of deep purple and deep teal, the reception banquet area, was so full of brilliance!  Their one tier wedding cake designed with a very dark purple hue, in an angled ribboning texture, and silk flowers at the base.

Thier guests enjoyed the enticing cupcakes offered to them in a choice of three flavors: Red Velvet Cake with our Signature Cream Cheese Filling, Rich Vanilla Cake with Red Raspberry Filling, or Pink Champagne Cake with decadent Strawberry Cream Filling.  Such darling images captured by their photographers, of the entire wedding ceremony and wedding reception at The Raven Golf Club.  All by the talented husband and wife team Julius Photography Wedding.