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Your guests will be so happy that you considered things like the bathroom!  Long Lines are definitely a problem!  Everything about a wedding is polished and elegant, so talking about the bathroom sounds a bit like a “POTTY WORD“. But we assure you, it is necessary to ensure your wedding reception runs smoothly and guests will be comfortable.  If the facility you are renting does not have enough restrooms nearby, please consider your rental options.  Logistics are very important. We recommend that the “loo” is not in full view of guests or near where they are eating.  Be careful with placement. Having them tucked away from site, but yet clearly labeled is a great way to show your guests the way to the “loo” without making it obnoxious.

We decided to investigate and see what is the best number of stalls to number of guests. According to Brides.com, “We generally do three to four stalls for women and three stalls for men for a 150-to-175-person wedding,” for example. That works out to be roughly one bathroom per 25 guests.”

Worried that the restrooms will look tacky and ugly? Do not worry. Many cities offer luxury port-o-potties or luxury portable bathroom trailers.  Regardless of whether you have your traditional porta or a luxury loo, there are small things you can do to dress it up that will go a long way. You can cover the front or sides of the trailer with tall trees, shrubs or flowers to camouflage the outside of the facility. Another idea is to add details such as flowers, toiletry baskets, pretty                                                             soaps, and candles to the interiors.  Your guests will be delighted, you thought about them…….and no Long Lines!