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Love Birds Wedding Cake

love birds wedding cake sue jacobs cakes Steph Wahlig
It was a Wright House Wedding!  The beautiful Bride Venisa and stunningly handsome Groom Steven were married outdoors at the garden venue, The Wright House.  Selecting a Love Birds Wedding Cake!  Each bird bearing the names of the Bride Venisa and the Groom Steven. With colors of Gold, Sangria, and Ivory decor accenting the entire wedding day.  With Park Avenue Catering providing the delightful catered meal, followed by the center piece of the reception! Offering the guests a choice of Rich Vanilla Cake with Red Raspberry Filling, Moist Almond Cake with Vanilla Cream Filling, Rich Vanilla Cake with Red Raspberry Filling.  The wedding cake with a very dainty design of scroll just on the top edges and cascading a bit down each cake tier.  Adored with floral.

The Wright House is a beautiful venue nestled in a quiet neighborhood in Mesa Arizona, with lush greenery and floral at an abundance!  They selected the Provencal side of the property.  Cozy yet breathtaking just like romance!  The Provencal is inspired by the Provence region of south
ern France, a quaint countryside that sidesteps the hustle of Paris without deserting the charm or splendor.  Offering romantic, exotic and gorgeous ambiance.   Their guests entered through the main villa and proceeded through towering trees into a courtyard covered in flowers, shrubs, and ornamental fountains with scenic terraces overlooking the beautiful venue.  Such an assortment of open and covered patios encircle the central gazebo, allowing their guests to view during both the wedding and the reception.

With Joe with Arnett Entertainment keelove birds wedding cake sue jacobs cakes Steph Wahligping the night alive.    Images captured on Film by Steph Wahlig.

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