Our Hand Crafted Vintage Mints!

Our hand crafted vintage style wedding mints, are a great addition to any wedding or celebration.  They are beautiful when displayed next to your uniquely designed wedding cake, adding just the perfect touch. These melt-in-your-mouth mints are a classic candy that make any table look elegant.

The wedding mints make everyone feel just a wee bit nostalgic.  Cream Cheese Mints bring back a flood of childhood memories.  We so remember these growing up, commonly known as wedding mints.  Crafting them, is very time intense, but oh so worth it.  We LOVE the Crème de menthe flavor.  They are created by making the special recipe, hand rolling each one into small balls, rolling in sugar, and pressing into rose shaped molds.   They are then popped out, and ready to begin the drying process.

These little gems, are dried for 24-36 hours so they form a delicious crust on the outside, leaving the interior smooth and creamy.  They come in a wide array of custom colors to match any color scheme for weddings or any celebration.

When you think wedding celebrations, think Sue Jacobs Cakes Vintage Mints.

Cake Pops!

What’s cuter than a cupcake? A cake pop, of course!  Cake Pops are cake balls on a stick!  Actually more like a TRUFFLE on a stick.  They sort of resemble a lollipop.  Cake pops are everything you love about cake, and so much more.

They are created with our amazingly moist cake, mixed with our really amazing icing, each one uniformly weighed.  Then our Cake pops are rolled into a ball, and dipped in our decadent dipping candy melts and served on a stick.  These are incredibly delicious, over the top little morsels. Underneath the candy shell gives way to a moist and soft inside, like a brownie that melts in your mouth. They’re very much like a decadent truffle.

Cake Pops are portable and customizable. They come in an endless variety of flavors! Cake Pops are also great for small or large parties and also corporate events. Our most popular flavor, you ask?  Well that would be Red Velvet Cake dipped with our Decadent Dark Cocoa Chocolate.

Perfect amount of sweetness!  Any special occasion, and oh my how people love them!  Fun times ahead with Sue Jacobs Cake Pops.