No Wedding Cake sue jacobs cakesWe’ve heard it before, and we’ll hear it again: A traditional wedding cake will never go out of style. One thing that will change however is the unique way couples are making their wedding treats uniquely theirs, down to the smallest detail.

“The wedding cake is always a must-see at any reception. It can definitely say a lot about the couple and their personality. When it comes to your wedding, you can go traditional or be as creative as you like. Nowadays, you don’t even need a wedding cake at all. There are a lot of great wedding cake alternatives you should consider, if you want something non-traditional”

Here are a few of the top and most unique choices:
* S’mores station: How much fun will your guest have at a s’more station? Creating that yummy one of a kind treat.
*Cheese “cake“:  Many couples are opting for a non-sweet tower of different savory cheeses.
*Candy bar/buffet: This is a fun way to share your favorite candies, add your wedding color and let your guests pick their favorites.
*Cookie Bar:  Do you love cookies? A cookie bar is a wonderful way to let your guests select their favorite cookie or cookies.
*Donuts: Donut walls are all the rage right now. This is another way to give your guest choices and create a unique look for your wedding reception.

A wedding dessert and treat is simply a way to end your special day on a sweet note: It doesn’t have to be a classic three tier cake. Guests will appreciate your thoughtfulness, regardless of the delightful cake alternative you decide to serve them.

Image by Carly Jo Photography.