non traditional desserts sue jacobs cakesIt is time to learn about the top wedding reception trends of 2020 – Non Traditional Desserts
When you think of a wedding reception, a traditional wedding cake always comes to mind. Although tradition remains the same.  Now a fun, memorable and exciting new flare has become hot. Imagine walking into a wedding reception and seeing a table with a display of cupcakes (mini and full size), donuts, churros, cookies, brownies, macarons, and cheesecake!

We are seeing a huge increase in dessert buffets. Why are couples choosing buffets?
There seem to be several reasons for this increase:
One is price point, desserts and treats are typically less per serving.
Options for guests, people like to get to have choices when they select what they want to eat.
Not everyone likes cake, when you only offer cake to your guests for dessert, you are limiting them.
A dessert buffet allows for a wider variety of choice and reaches more of your guests tastes.

How many treats per guest is typical or recommend?
We recommend 3-4 items per guest if wedding cake is not provided.
If you are offering wedding cake, we recommend 2-3 items per guest.

What are the most popular dessert bar items?
Brownies, Donuts, Cheesecake, and Macarons

Fun ideas and facts about dessert buffets
*If you choose only desserts, you don’t have to stop the celebration to cut the cake.
*You can incorporate your wedding color(s) throughout. You can always add depth, texture and height to your dessert table. The skies the limit with layout and design.
*You can show off your personality and create a very unique display.
*Guests with food allergies will have options.

Image by Suzy Goodrick Photography.