outdoor weddings sue jacobs cakesThe dilemma of Outdoor Weddings.

Have you always dreamed of having a fairy tale wedding that takes place outdoors? Many wedding couples have this same dream and are unwilling to be flexible on the possibility of moving the wedding indoors. We recommend that you have a back up plan if you are insistent on a outdoor wedding.

Regardless of your climate, we recommend you have a tent for your guests. Especially for your reception area to cover the tables and dance floor— you might have to rent a tent separately if your venue does not offer or provide them. Another idea is to offer your guests umbrellas if you live in a rainy climate, or even a very hot sunny day. If you live in a cold weather area provide; heaters, gloves, jackets, and scarfs.  If you live in a warm climate, fans or misters.

Other things to consider when you have an outdoor wedding are bathrooms.  Make sure your guests have easy access to the bathroom.  Wildlife, is another item to consider.  If your wedding space is in an area largely populated by wildlife, chances are you could have a visitor on your special day.

A few positive aspects of Outdoor Weddings are the reduced cost of decorations.  Letting the natural beauty of the space be your decor is decoration enough.  Another positive feature is the atmosphere. Outdoor weddings set a wonderful atmosphere for all.  Some of our favorite Phoenix area outdoor venues are The Wright House, The Elegant Barn, The Paseo, The Views at Superstition, Gold Canyon Golf Club, Seville Golf and Country Club, Superstition Springs Golf Club, and Arizona Golf Club.

If you are forcing an outdoor wedding, but if the weather conditions don’t allow it, consider your guests’ comfort and always have a Plan B.