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Plentiful Wedding Food

plentiful wedding food sue jacobs cakes tom and lin cateringCan you imagine attending a wedding reception, and then running out of food?  Or even drinks?  Having Plentiful Wedding Food is so very important.  This sounds like a crazy nightmare, but is actually much more common than you think.  Depending on what time your wedding is, it is important to be aware of the type of food and drink to provide your guests.

You do not want a group of hungry and thirsty guests, do you?  Especially in very hot climate like Arizona, having plenty of bottled water is extremely important.

There are ways to ensure that this does not happen to you.  We recommend that you make sure that your caterer has an accurate guest count.  This will ensure they will provide enough food to accommodate the guests – plus a little extra.  It is better to have too much food and drink than not enough to satisfy your guests!

Remember your budget needs to fit your guest list.  It is the wedding couples responsibility to provide adequate food and drink for their guests.

Here is a list of ways to ensure you have enough for your guest:

-Require a RSVP.  This will help you gage how much you need to order and provide.

-Decide what type of meal you are going to provide.  Are you providing a plated meal or buffet style?

-Order extra fillers.  Fillers are things like rice, potatoes and salad.  These are generally much more cost effective than meat.

-Serve only appetizers.  If you are on a tight budget and have a large guest list, skip the full meals and serve just appetizers.

We work with many amazing catering companies, and would be happy to direct you to some fabulous ones we work with weekly.  It’s simple and easy!  Hire professionals to ensure that you and your guests will have a wonderful time with a full belly.  Image provided by Tom and Lin Catering.

Here are a few of our favorite Caterers:
Tom and Lin Catering
Straight to the Plate Catering
San Tan Brewery
Aroma Catering


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