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Preserving Special Wedding Moments

Your BIG wonderful wedding day is over.  You had the BEST DAY of your entire life.  Months, sometimes years of planning have come to the end now.  What do you do to preserve your beautiful, and special moments from your perfect wedding day?

Thankfully there are several companies that can help you with this task.  They specialize in preservation of your most treasured wedding items.  You can do an internet search on local companies that can help you with just that!  We found Lisa with Floral Keepsakes of Pheonix Arizona.  Oh my…….YOU HAVE to check her website out!!!  She can preserve about anything!

Wondering just what to preserve and remember from your big day?

The top items to preserve are:
Your wedding dress
Wedding Veil
Your wedding bouquet
A shadow box to keep small mementos such as invitations, tokens, wedding favors and more.

A few other ideas to help you remember your day:
Wear the perfume you wore on your big day
Place several wedding photos around your home
Revisit the place where you married
Watch your wedding video

Cherish and preserve the memories, to help you remember all of the amazing moments from your special day.  Making great choices in your photographer and videographer as well.  Remember our Sue Jacobs Cakes cakes store wonderfully when you freeze your top tier for your anniversary. We always provide a box with complete instructions for defrosting.  Here’s a sweet review from one of our couples one year later.

Sue Jacobs Cakes Review: “Sue made my husband’s and my wedding cake, it was beautiful and delicious. We had our top tier for our one year anniversary and even after a year in the freezer it was just as lovely as the day we married.”

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