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Seating Assignments

sue jacobs cakes seating assignments Monique Hessler PhotographyOrganized and easy to read table assignments at a wedding. This sounds easy and not too complicated. One would think it would be an easy and expected requirement, right? Oh so WRONG!!!!!  Seating Assignments can make everything more organized. Just look at this darling framed chart!  Image by Monique Hessler Photography.

One of the biggest mistakes at a wedding reception is having confusing table assignments.  Even worse is not having assignments  at all.  Your guests should be able to easily and clearly figure out where they are sitting at the wedding reception.  Would you like an even added bonus?  Create assigned tables so that people aren’t awkwardly walking around or end up at a table with their estranged ex.

This will avoid any issues with family and friend dynamics and not wanting to exclude anyone in a group or without a plus-one.  There are many ways to ensure all guests, including the wedding party have assigned seating that everyone will enjoy.  Seating Assignments can help to alleviate confusion.

Generally the wedding couple sits at the head of the reception area and has their wedding party close by.  By assigning seats and tables, this allows the wedding couples family to be close to the head table if the wedding party so chooses.  There are a few easy ways to assign seats. Here are the most common ones used.

Place Cards, Escort Cards or Seating Chart

-Place cards are waiting for guests at each table, designating their seats.

-Escort cards are cards are generally displayed at or near the entrance of the reception. These are usually in alphabetical order.  They generally include each guest’s name and table number.

-Seating Chart are usually displayed alphabetically or by table near the entrance of the reception, seating charts list your guests’ names with their designated tables.

Interesting thought!  Would you prefer a seating assignment, or a free for all?



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