selecting a wedding date sue jacobs cakes cyndi hardy photographyHow do we go about Selecting a Wedding Date?

Do your research before setting a wedding date.  Be sure not to have a conflict with a big event.  Did you recently get engaged?  Congratulations, now it is time to select the date of your big day. Do you envision getting married on the date you first met, on the day you officially became a couple or how sweet would it be to marry on your grandparents’ anniversary?  This may sound perfect and romantic, but there are a few things you may want to consider.

*Think about the season. Are you selecting a date that is traditionally in hurricane season, blizzard season or rainy season?

*Check your venues availability.  Make sure before you begin making plans and lining up different vendors, you have the desired date set and reserved with your venue.

*Don’t get too many opinions on the “correct” date. We recommend you don’t ask too many people’s opinion on selecting your date. Everyone may have the right intentions, but can cause unwanted and unneeded stress.  After all, everyone has their own opinion.  Selecting a Wedding date, can be a bit challenging enough.

A few other things you may want to consider are sporting  events.  If you, or your family are huge football fans or sports fan, make sure you are not selecting a day that a big event is happening for example: Superbowl Sunday.

Also, keep in mind birthdays or other major life events.  You don’t want to force your guests to choose which event they want to attend.  Creating conflict on your big day is not how you want to start your new life as a married couple.  Ultimately the final date is it is up to you and your finance.

Image by Cyndi Hardy Photography.