sue jacobs cakes speeches gone wrongWedding speeches are a chance for your family and friends to share a special memory, tell a funny story or thank everyone at your wedding for all of their love and support.  Oh my!  BUT it can happen….Speeches Gone Wrong!


Have you attended a wedding reception where people stand up and give LONG speeches, tell inappropriate stories or stand in front of the crowd and say nothing?   We want to share with you a few options to avoid this.

You can insist on a traditional set speech order.

This is the order that traditional receptions follow:

1. Toast to the Bride and the Groom

This speech is typically given by the bride’s father or a very close family friend.

2. The Groom’s Speech

When the groom gives his speech, typically he thanks friends and family and also says something about his new spouse.

3. The Best Man’s Speech

Many believe that this is the most important speech of the entire wedding.

4. Toast to the Parents of the Bride

This speech can be given by any member of the wedding party or a family friend.

If you are a more nontraditional bride or groom, you can have a more “go with the flow” type of wedding reception.  This is when anyone can give a speech and there are no set boundaries or guidelines.

If you are worried that “Uncle Jimmy” may have a few too many drinks and give a speech that is not appropriate.  You can always brief your wedding party and DJ.  You can set up ahead of time what, when and who you would like to allow to give a speech.  It is your day and you get to choose what you want.  You truly do not want Speeches Gone Wrong on your special day!