story with a ring sue jacobs cakesA touching true story of a FedEx Express driver, Michael McGrath from Honolulu, HI.  It’s a Story with a Ring!  “An email alerted FedEx Express Ramp Manager Mike McGrath that an inbound package containing a WEDDING RING had been upgraded to Saturday delivery for a wedding later that day.

The plane was scheduled to land at 7:30 in the morning in Honolulu, but the wedding was on Maui, and there was no Saturday service to the island. Loved what happened next!

When Mike realized the only way to get the ring to Maui that day would be to take it himself on a commercial flight, he didn’t hesitate to get the necessary approvals and book the trip. After delivering the ring to the tearful and overjoyed bride at the Maui airport, Mike raced back through the terminal just in time to catch the return flight.  Mike should such dedication!  Can you imagine how this bride felt on her day!  The kindness that this employee showed is paralleled by none other!

A member of the flight crew who had noticed his mission remarked, “That must have been an important package.” Mike replied, “Yes it was, but then they’re all important.” Later that night, he received a text message photo of a sparkling ring on the hand of a happy bride, who promised she would be a FedEx customer for life.  Wow, such a touching Story with a Ring to it!  Here at, Sue Jacobs Cakes bakery we desire to meet and exceed every couples expectations.