ten wedding mistakes sue jacobs cakesWe  are here to show you Ten Wedding Mistakes:

Conflict with a big event:
Be sure to do research, and make sure that there are no conflicts on your potential big day. While obviously the wedding of a loved one should take priority over these events, selecting your date is very important.

Timing issues:
Avoid long gaps in time between your ceremony and reception, unless you have a plan on how to fill the time. Guests are likely to be confused as to what to do.

Dinner served too late:
Even if you had lots of tasty treats during cocktail hour, your guests will still want their main meal served in a timely fashion. Make sure to have a plan with your caterer and venue before the big day.

Long lines for the restroom: 
Be sure that your venue has adequate facilities to accommodate your guests, who would rather not spend their evenings waiting in line. Make sure that the restroom areas are clearly marked.

Too many slow (or fast) songs 
Of course, you’ll want to play a lot of upbeat music – it’s a celebration, after all! But playing a few a few slow songs will provide a much-needed breather for your guests, and allow for older guests who might not be into the wild dancing to take a spin across the floor.

Speeches that are too long:
Toasts should be kept to a minimum, both in terms of number of speakers and length. Your guests will enjoy hearing from two or three important people.  Consider scheduling toasts during the rehearsal dinner, rather than the wedding reception.

Confusing table assignments:
Your guests should be able to clearly figure out where they are sitting at the reception – and it’s a good idea to assign tables so that people aren’t awkwardly walking around, figuring out where to sit.

Not enough food:
You do not want a group of hangry guests, do you? Make sure that your caterer has an accurate guest count, and will provide enough food to accommodate them – plus a little extra. Plentiful buffets will also allow guests to take as much as they’d like.

Forcing an outdoor wedding:
Yes, we know you’ve always dreamed of having an outdoor wedding – but consider your guests’ comfort and go with the Plan B. Here in Arizona, most couples do not select summer as the time to get married.

Newlyweds not welcoming 
Make an attempt to go table to table and greet as many people as you can. While it’s important that you spend time with your new spouse, your guests have traveled, and are giving up their day to celebrate with you.  It is a nice gesture to thank them for attending, even if it’s brief.

Considering your guests happiness and comfort is all too important.  You can tantalize them one step further with an amazing wedding cake from Sue Jacobs Cakes!