that cake topper! the croft sue jacobs cakes cakewords

That Cake Topper!  When this sweet young couple came to the Sue Jacobs Cakes Bakery, we were delighted!  We were recommended to them by their caterer Tom and Lin Catering.  One of the most respected catering companies in all of Arizona.  We were especially delighted, when we were shown the fun wedding cake design they desired for their very own wedding cake on their special day.  Not only was it one of our favorite designs to create, because we LOVE creating Semi Naked wedding cakes, BUT….. oh my the amazingly cool “Out Of The Box” wedding cake topper they desired!  It was truly more than a typical wedding cake topper, but the entire focal piece for the wedding cake.  That Cake Topper!  Truly the most unusual we have had top one of our creations.

All the festivities took place at The Croft Downtown located in beautiful Downtown Phoenix.  The perfect location selected for the wedding and reception of Bride Kayla and Groom Scott!  What a unique venue with a bit of industrial charm!  Now, we JUST love The Croft!  Can’t wait for our next wedding there!  Tom and Lin Catering, here we come!

For Bride Kayla and Groom Scott, they desired to embrace the South Western ambiance of Arizona with succulents, as well as this fun over sized modern geometric cactus wedding cake topper!   We were happy to introduce them to our favorite Cake Topper Designer Josh with CakeWords!  He perfectly designed the most perfect topper for the most perfect semi naked wedding cake.  We could not have been more pleased with the final product.  The Croft Downtown!  That Naked Cake!  That Cake Topper!  It was a winning combination for their wedding and wedding reception day.

Words from our sweet Bride Kayla: Even better than we expected!

Thank you Kayla!  The pleasure was all ours to have the honor to design the centerpiece for your wedding reception!  The Croft……such a great venue!  And oh boy….That Cake Topper!