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Timing Your Wedding

sue jacobs cakes timing your wedding TOh my, there can certainly be ISSUES when Timing Your Wedding!

Have you ever been to a birthday, party or even a wedding that had long time gaps between each activity?  There is nothing more frustrating than arriving at a celebration only to have huge time gaps and no time line.  This is not a fun or enjoyable situation to be in!!! You become bored, lethargic and completely annoyed on the special day.  Timing Your Wedding is imperative for a successful event!

We would advise against long time gaps between activities.  However, if you do choose to have hours between, we have a suggestion to help avoid problems with this. A long cocktail hour can help fill this time and keep your guests fed in between the wedding and reception ceremonies. This can also help avoid people getting lost or loose track of time if they leave the event area.

A few reminders to help your guests. Offer detailed instructions on what they can do, where and if there is an additional cost.  Printing off a small map of each activity and the location will ensure there are no logistic issues. Many guests may be from out of town or not be familiar with the area.  This added information could certainly make for a smoother day.

Here are a few fun options to keep your guests occupied if you decide to have a long period of time between your wedding and reception.

Site seeing, wine sampling, local farmers markets, make a sweet wedding memento, wedding scavenger hunt, carriage rides or neck and shoulder massages at a local spa.

This will give your guests opinions and will fill the time with memorable and special activities. Remember to put yourself in your guests place when planning your big day. Comfort, information and consideration go a long way. What would you like or want if you were attending a wedding? We are pretty sure time issues would not be on your wish list. Timing Your Wedding is everything!

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