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Top Flower Trends of 2020

What are this years most popular flowers, greenery and floral arrangements?  While previous years have brought light, airy flowers and soft greenery, this years weddings will have more vibrant, bright, bold flowers and a uniqueness to them. Wedding flowers and bouquets are ever changing.

What are some of this year’s top trends?
1. Minimal flowers are gaining popularity.  A single bloom with a wide variety of greenery all around it.
This is a great way to stretch your flower budget and create a unique look.
2. Blooming jewelry.  What exactly is this? Imagine a beautiful crown or necklace made out of your wedding flowers and greenery.
3. Local flowers.  What a wonderful way to create an intimate detail to your special day. What are some of the blooms native to your area? Not sure, schedule an appointment with your local florist.
4. We have seen doughnut walls but keep your eyes open for greenery walls!! Can you imagine walking into a wedding ceremony or reception hall and seeing a massive wall full of gorgeous greenery.
5. Flowers in the bride and bridal party’s hair.  Wanting to add a special touch to your wedding look? Adding your wedding flower or greenery to your hair, bridal party’s hair and/or flower girl’s hair.
6. We are seeing an increase of couples opting for small, delicate arrangements verse large and over the top as seen in precious years. Why is this? Cost, a new popular minimal look, awareness of simplicity.

The top flowers of 2020
Sweet peas

Photo image by Karlee K Photography.