Trending Wedding Flowers Sue Jacobs Cakes Santiago PhotographyThe 2019 trending wedding flowers are constantly evolving.  While pastel and copper have taken the wedding world by storm in the past few years, it seems this softened trend is finally dying out.  Now we are seeing brighter, bolder colors. Oranges, reds, and jewel tones are coming alive in the 2019 Trending Wedding Flowers.

Other Trending Wedding Flowers are grasses and dried flowers.  Bringing back a style of days gone by.  Be gone, basic greenery! When it comes to decorative accents for your floral arrangements, two of the biggest 2019 Wedding Flower Trends are ornamental grasses and dried flowers. Pampas grass — a feathery plant that’s light brown in color — is a trend you can expect to see everywhere this year, from crazy decorative ceremony backdrops to bohemian-style centerpieces and bouquets.

Pantone has announced it’s color of 2019 is a bright, sunny, pinky-orange named ‘Living Coral’.  A cheery tone that’s perfect for weddings, coral is a fantastic hue to incorporate into a sunny summer wedding.  With everything from coral colored flowers, bridesmaids dresses, cakes, makeup and color schemes. *

For 2019 weddings, greenery continues to be a classic “go-to shade”, with flowers and foliage becoming more organic and lush. “Trees and the use of foliage throughout floral designs will take center stage”.

Floral architecture isn’t new to weddings by any means; everyone has seen an arch in their day, but this 2019 year centerpieces will give way to “showpieces,” or larger floral arrangements like flower walls or hanging installations.  Statement pieces aren’t confined to the dance floor, either. While flower crowns are on their way out, floral combs, bracelets, and anklets are having certainly making a statement currently. *

Here at the Sue Jacobs Cakes Bakery, we just LOVE the Trending Wedding Colors of 2019!  Image provided by Santiago Almada Photography.