Wedding Cake Emergency sue jacobs cakes saved the dayHere at the Sue Jacobs Cakes, we receive many calls at the Bakery.  Well, this Saturday afternoon was no exception.  Well, that is until we hear the words, Wedding Cake Emergency!  It was December 9th, and seems like yesterday!

The Mother of the Groom created the wedding cake for her son and his new bride to be.  This was not new to her, but the problem that came as they were traveling was!  Calling up in a panic that the cake was falling apart as they were driving to the wedding.  The panicked call wondering if we could, SAVE THE DAY!  Fortunately we had a few moments before leaving to deliver our many wedding cakes that day, so we sprang into action!  We offered a faux cake (Yep…that means a fake cake), and every cupcake we had at the bakery!  This was truly a Wedding Cake Emergency!

Words from the Mother of the Groom Sharon: Sharon said… Family photo
“Sue saved our wedding cake disaster at the last minute. She lent us an artificial cake for pictures and we bought her cupcakes to eat which were delicious. She really went the extra mile for us and I can’t say thanks enough!!”  We were so delighted that we were available to set this family up with a cake to have on display, in which they adored with fresh berries, and then cupcakes for their guests.  Truly a happy ending for all!