wedding cakes through the years sue jacobs cakes laura seagalWedding Cakes Through the Years have changed so drastically!  Wedding cake, there is no denying that a wedding cake is, and has always been, the main edible attraction at a wedding reception. Truly the centerpiece for the reception.  We investigated, to see how wedding cake trends have changed over the years.

In the early 1900’s, wedding cakes were typically made of sponge cake, the cake was iced white and fresh flowers were placed on the cake. White cakes became a symbol of affluence due to white refined sugar being hard to find.  Large, lavish wedding cakes were only obtained by the wealthy. As the years went on, bakers began to create wedding cake, making wedding cakes widely available and more affordable.

In the mid 1900’s, wedding cakes became once again more homemade due to the war. Wedding cakes were flavored with nutmeg, cinnamon, and clove and were made with less eggs, milk and sugar. After the war ended, wedding cakes became larger and more elegant. Cakes began to be decorated with silver and gold plastic ornaments, bells, ribbons and edible flowers.

By the late 1900’s, wedding cake changed once again. Weddings began to be less formal and less traditional. Outdoor weddings gained popularity and decor changed dramatically.  Dark fruit mixtures were used to decorate the cake as well as water fountains and plastic pillars. Colorful icing, bright flowers and ribbons began to appear on wedding cakes.  In the 1990’s amazing techniques and unique designs began to dominate the cake decorating trend. Edible ink printing was developed.

When entering the 2000’s, bridal couples began the trend of coordinating their wedding colors with their wedding cakes. Decadent and elaborate cupcakes were added to the tiered wedding cake table for an extra wow factor.  Dessert displays, even pies!  Naked cakes with little icing, watercolor cakes with washes of pastel colors, drip cakes, and gold accents are popular with this decade’s style.

We love the changes and techniques throughout the years. One thing remains the same, wedding cake is a timeless traditional to any type of wedding, regardless of the time period.  Beginning our wedding cake design business in 1982, we have certainly seen things come and go, AND sometimes come back again!  Now you know how much Wedding Cakes Through the Years have changed!