Wedding Day Beauty tiffany lynne hair studio sue jacobs cakesEveryone wants to be a “Wedding Day Beauty”!

As if a bridal couple does not have enough to worry about, their beauty is generally one of the last things on the list of priorities.  However, their appearance on their wedding day is especially important.

Not only do you want to look and feel you best, but you will have photographs that will last a lifetime.  Do not stress though, we are here to help. There are certain areas of your beauty regiment that you will want to look into in advance.  If you are concerned about areas of your body, merely plan ahead.

Things like teeth whitening, laser hair removal, tattoo removal, vein removal or treating acne and acne scars will need to be addressed six to twelve months prior to the wedding date.  These are procedures that will take multiple treatments to see results.  To be the Wedding Day Beauty, you certainly have to be prepared.

You will also need to plan your hair and wedding day makeup in advance, as well.  We recommend meeting with your glam team two to three months prior to your wedding day. This allows plenty of time to try different looks and styles.

You will also want to consider the weather.  If it is hot, sweat proof products for your hair and makeup are a must.  If the weather is humid or dry this will affect your hair, makeup and what types of products you use.   Your makeup artist can help you.

Don’t forget your waterproof mascara for all of the sweet tears you will cry.  No need to stress on this area of your wedding planning.  With planning ahead, you will find everything will fall into place. Image from Tiffany Lynne Hair Studio.  Everyone wants to be a Wedding Day Beauty!