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Wedding Dress Trends

sue jacobs cakes wedding dress trends lauries bridalEver wonder what the Wedding Dress Trends are for 2018?

Wedding dresses for 2018 have been released and SPOILER ALERT….they are magnificent.  We are highlighting some of our most favorite and hottest trends for this new year.

We are seeing some amazing, over the top and think outside the box trends in wedding dresses.  Here is a list of the top trends for both Spring and Fall.

Spring:  When it comes to your your dress wedding dress, do you like a softer more feminine look?  Many designers are adding bows to their dresses in 2018 for this softer touch.

Other trends we seeing and hearing about include; tiered wedding dresses, bell sleeve, a retro throwback that we’re loving on modern wedding dresses and even overskirts.  We can’t forget the ever popular capes, feather accents and corset tops. Many brides are even choosing to wear sheer corset tops, ooh la la.

Color is huge this year. No longer are wedding dress completely white. We are seeing many dresses with accents colors, including black. Another color trend is dresses in blue tones, both soft and dark blue.

Fall:  Princess type capes are going to be huge this year for Fall and Winter weddings.  Not only do they add a touch of elegance, they can help keep you warm if the weather is not an an ideal temperature.  Pants suits are another hot trend right now.  Who says you have to wear a dress on your wedding day? You will also be seeing a lot of edgy jackets.  These are the perfect accessory for your big day and as an added bonus, will keep you warm.

Whatever dress or pants suit you decide to wear, you will look amazing. You can’t go wrong with this years trends.  The Wedding Dress Trends are simply over the top AMAZING!

Image provided by Laurie’s Bridal and Prom.


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