Weekday Wedding Sue Jacobs Cakes A Weekday Wedding!   It was a lovely day in November for the wedding of Rose and Alex’s wedding.  We find often here in Arizona a couple will select a Weekday Wedding.  The perfect location was selected for their special day.  The Paseo, a highly desired wedding venue located in Apache Junction.  So heavy booked, many couples select a weekday for their special wedding day.  That’s just what they did!  Married on a Thursday!!  A Weekday Wedding!  Everyday is a great day for a wedding!

They had a lovely three tier cake, and also “Oh so Amazing” Cake Pops”.  With cake flavors consisting of Gluten Free Chocolate on top, then Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cake with Milk Chocolate Filling, and Pink Champagne Cake with Strawberry Filling for the guests.   The Cake pops!  They are sure to delight for a special treat at their Weekday Wedding!

Downtown Browne bringing forth the music all night long.  Keeping the crowd on the dance floor.  Capturing all the special moments on this Thursday Weekday Wedding was Denise Karis Photogaphy.  Any day is a great day to be married, even a Weekday!