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Sue Jacobs Cakes is now...

Chalkboard Style Shortbread

Traditional Chocolate Chip

Cookie Cake

Polka Dot Shortbread

Do you need a couple dozen Chocolate Pixie Cookies for your next summer party, or some decorated shortbread for your daughters birthday? No matter what the occasion, Vanini Baking Company is here for you.

We offer a variety of Butter Shortbread, Personalized Shortbread & basic drop cookies. Call us today to get a personalized quote on cookies.

Cookie Prices

Decorated Shortbread

starting @ $3.95

per 3"-4" Cookie

Minimum order of 2 dozen

Custom Cookie designs are available in our Vanilla Bean Shortbread. For an additional $.50 per cookie, we will bag each cookie and tie with raffia or custom colored ribbon. 

Butter Shortbread (not decorated)


a dozen

Minimum order of 2 dozen per flavor

Custom flavors of shortbread include:

Cocoa Nib Fresh Mint

Lemon Lavender

Cardamom Ginger

Drop Cookies


a dozen

Minimum order of 2 dozen per flavor

Cookie flavors include:

Sea Salt Chocolate Chip

White Chocolate Mac Nut

Chocolate Pixie

Oatmeal Cherry


Ginger Molasses